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Ishan Shanavas - Photographer, Artist, Writer and Student of the Natural World

Hello! Welcome to my online home! 

I am from Bangalore and I study at Ashoka University, India.

My articles focus on nature, photography, society, culture and art. I also share insights from my favourite books, who’s topics are wide-ranging.

Passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation, I’m also interested in photography and other forms of art (See my portfolio). These artistic mediums help me show the world to others as I see it. I aim to distil these passions into weekly blog articles.

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My fascination for wildlife got amplified when I joined Rishi Valley School. With plenty of wild creatures around, I learnt to identify various species of snakes and birds. Now, I want to dedicate my life to saving the environment.

My portfolio showcases my photography and art. By sharing my work and ideas, I wish to connect with others, challenge myself and become a polymath.

I am enthusiastic about outdoor sports—from trekking to scuba diving, from paragliding to surfing. Each has its thrill and is about living in the moment. When I was in school, I discovered a love for running; its steady rhythm incredibly therapeutic for me. Along with running, I also gravitated to long-distance cycling through the countryside.

As an avid traveler, I document my journeys through my writing and photography. 

I’m far from an expert in any of these fields. Rather, I gladly wear the label of an amateur. 

I believe there is always room for improvement. You’re welcome to provide suggestions so that the blog content can improve. 

Therefore, dive in! And if you find it fascinating, please subscribe! 

If you want to get in touch, drop me an email at ishan.shanavas@gmail.com or head over to my contact page. You can also check out my résumé if you’d like.

Image Use Policy

With my permission, anybody can use my pictures from this site. Additionally, you’re welcome to buy any of my pictures. Please contact me at ishan.shanavas@gmail.com in either case.

Photographs not taken by me will be given due credit. Permission to use those pictures must be taken from the respective copyright owner.

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Mist in forest

Monsoons in Idukki

The magical effect of the rains on the landscape of Idukki

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