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Ishan Shanavas - Photographer, Artist, Writer and Student of the Natural World

Hello! Welcome to my online home! 

I am from Bangalore and I study at Ashoka University, India.

My friends describe me as someone with varied interests. I love learning about subjects related to science, culture, media, art and so on. Whether it is books, podcasts or Youtube videos, I spend my time attempting to satiate my curiosity.

I am an ardent wildlife and nature enthusiast. From tracking snakes in rainforests to following sharks in the depths of the ocean, I live for the wild. Much of my time is spent reading and learning about our natural world. I frequently find myself in the company of some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet.

My articles focus on nature, photography, society, culture and art. I also share insights from my favourite books, who’s topics are wide-ranging.

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From my childhood, encyclopedias and National Geographic’s TV shows fuelled my love for nature. I sat mesmerised by scenes of gazelles striding across the grassy plains and the herds of elephants caught in a silhouette at sunset. Growing up, I remember watching squirrels from my balcony for hours, trying to decipher their sounds.

My fascination for wildlife got amplified when I joined Rishi Valley School. With plenty of wild creatures around, I learnt to identify individual species of snakes and birds. I’d rescue animals from buildings, often holding these tiny lives in my hands.

Passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation, I want to dedicate my life to saving the environment.

In addition, I pursue photography and other forms of art (See my portfolio). These artistic mediums help me show the world to others as I see it.

Here, I distil these passions into blog articles. My writing, while diverse, is united by one goal; to encapsulate my interests and provide value to the reader.

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My portfolio showcases my photography and art. By sharing my work and ideas, I wish to connect with others, become a polymath, and grow my personal brand.

I am enthusiastic about outdoor sports—from trekking to scuba diving, from paragliding to surfing. Each has its thrill and is about living in the moment.

As an avid traveler, I document my journeys through my writing and photography. 

I’m far from an expert in any of these fields. Rather, I gladly wear the label of an amateur. I believe there is always room for improvement. You’re welcome to provide suggestions so that the blog content can improve. 

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If you want to get in touch, drop me an email at ishan.shanavas@gmail.com or head over to my contact page. You can also check out my résumé if you’d like.

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With my permission, anybody can use my pictures from this site. Additionally, you’re welcome to buy any of my pictures. Please contact me at ishan.shanavas@gmail.com in either case.

Photographs not taken by me will be given due credit. Permission to use those pictures must be taken from the respective copyright owner.

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