Species in Focus – The Final Frontier

Flock of Egrets flying in synchronisation. Black and white fine art shot by Ishan Shanavas. Shot in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary , Kerala, India.

There is a place, beyond the haunts of man, where birds sing in gladness, where the sunset jackets the horizon in a multitude of pastels. The trees here grow free, forming a bewildering palette of landscapes.

It is here you will find the untamed, united in their common quest for survival. They are poetry in motion, traversing the paths less trodden. With utter surety they slink away, melting into the glens they call home.

Some lurk in the shadows of the trees. Most are known by the tracks they leave behind. Few linger in the skies up above. When you see them, it is but a fleeting glimpse. Strength and fear, grace and sadness – I see it all in their eyes. It is the ancient bewitchment of the natural world at play.

I give you The Wild.

Nature breathes a spectrum of lives into this world, each rife with its own quirks. Yet now, the mere thought of them arouses a deep foreboding. Many have been whittled down, now flickering on the edge of extinction.

Over the years, I repeatedly encounter certain animals. As time goes by, I’ve develop a close bond with them, each meeting injecting me with a pavlovian excitement. Through my art, photography and writing, I hope to capture these ghosts of the natural world.

What follows is a series of narratives where I explore those special ones, the ones whose lives have made mine worth living.

This is my attempt to preserve their beauty in perpetuity. In the coming years, many might melt away into the shadows of the past. Here they will endure, inspiring the generations to come. This is their Final Frontier.

In the grand scheme of things, it is these creatures that will persist. The songsters, sages, and deviants of the wild that we must bow down to. It is in their eyes that inspiration finds its calling and is rejuvenated.

Engaging with nature is a calling of a higher kind. So read on. Tap into the rhythm of the wilderness. Enthuse yourself in the frission of our natural world.

What a beautiful time to be alive.

Bonnet macaque

Elephantscapes by Ishan Shanavas

Asian Elephant

Hanuman Langur sitting.

Hanuman Langur

Rat Snake

Chital in Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Shot by Ishan Shanavas


Gaur under the trees. Shot by Ishan Shanavas in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, India


Spotted Owlet

Wild Bookmarks - Vine Snake by Ishan Shanavas

Green Vine Snake

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Published by Ishan Shanavas

I am a young adult, interested in nature, photography, art and culture. An aspiring polymath, I share my learnings through my blog. I also include insights from my favourite books.

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