Species in Focus – Hanuman Langur

Hanuman Langur in tree. Shot in China Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, India.


In the mystic wilds of India is a monkey like no another. It dons a splendid golden coat and striking black face. It is woven into the cultural imagination of the land, symbolising a god. It lures you into its gaze, searing its image into the back of your mind. Thrumming with eternal vigilance, it surveys the forest floor, harking at the signs of a predator.

The Langur is arguably one of the most beautiful primates of India. It is strikingly different from the macaques with which they share much of their range.

Pensive Langur Portrait

The langur plays several important roles in the forest. Firstly, it feeds on the fruits of several trees, spreading its seeds far and wide. It partially eats them and discards the rest, which also provides food for some ungulates like Chital and Sambar. And from its high vantage point, it keeps an eye out for lurking predators. Once spotted, it sends alarms jangling, sending a loud “kha kha kha” through the forest.

I adore this animal. Over the years, I have photographed it in numerous locations, slowly building up a body of work. Here I give you the very best shots so that you can experience this animal’s charm for yourself.

Between these trees lie the answers you’ve been seeking. In the land of the lost lie those who’ve been waiting. Waiting for you and if you only knew, that what you seek most is always seeking you

Shaaz Jung
Hanuman Langur mom pinching her child. Shot by Ishan Shanavas in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, India
When your mom pinches you
Hanuman Langur sitting.

Fact File

South-Western Langur (Semnopithecus hypoleucos)

  • Weight and Length: 9-11 kg, 55-75 cm
  • Conservation Status: Vulnerable

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