Strolling through Amritsar – Indian Street Photography

Amritsar is a city bustling with activity. At every turn, turban-clad Sikhs are sauntering about, some with beards reaching their chests. The streets are bursting with Dhabas, serving some world-class dishes. Stores selling jewellery to clothing shops line=ing the inner gullies, there is something to see at each corner. Each shopkeeper tries to outdo the other, beckoning you to visit their stall. 

It is an explosion of sights and smells.

These phenomena make Amritsar an experience, not just another city. One must be there to soak in the rich litany of smells, sounds and sights. 

I was fortunate to spend a few days in this marvellous place. I saw as much as possible during my time, shuffling from one pace to another.

Uncertain Futures

I paid a visit to the much celebrated Golden Temple. This structure, plated with gold, is the most prominent place of worship for Sikhism. It draws visitors from all over the globe. Its splendour is something to be experienced. 

Devotees bathe its surrounding waters, believing in its sacred healing powers. I circled the temple, watching people deep in prayer. Their eyes were sealed shut, and hands joined together, echoing deep devotion and religiosity. A mesmeric tranquillity radiates from the area, hypnotising all who visit. It is in its presence that you acknowledge the zeal for religion.

In Holy Waters

As is with most moments of amazement, I felt the urge to photograph everything I saw. My eye never left the viewfinder as I captured different sights. 

I visited the Wagah Border, a popular tourist spot. I recall standing on a viewpoint there, gazing into the neighbouring country of Pakistan. Rows of fields of maise stretched into the horizon. I pondered how, on the other side, there might just be another boy like me, gazing into the distance, wondering what people over here must be like. I felt a certain sadness, as borders are things of human creation that divide people. We are all one and the same.

Horse Face

I probed the streets and alleyways of Amritsar, photographing all the exciting sights I came across. My memory card filled with a plethora of images as I went by. I just couldn’t get enough of the place. My photography attempts to showcase that rapture in the light it deserves.

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