Making a Wire Bonsai Tree

Bronze Wire Bonsai Tree

In artistic pursuits, creativity can strike you from anywhere. It isn’t something that can be planned. From out of the blue, it comes and grips you like a vice.

For most artists, the Covid-19 Pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns were a time of discovery and introspection. We were all faced with the challenge of confinement. It was an exciting time for creators and artists alike.

For me, the lockdown resulted in a period of growth and learning. I came across several mediums of art that I was blissfully unaware of before.

Like many artists, I often draw inspiration from works I come across on Pinterest. It is a window to explore creative projects by people across the globe. It is a curation of the best art that exists today.

One day, while browsing, I saw a Tree made out of wire. The twisting and intertwining of wire created the trunk and leaves.

Like most artists beginning their creative journey, I emulate works that I admire. Replication aids the discovery of my style. When imitating others, I place myself in their shoes. I think the way they think, act the way they do. Mirroring others lays the seeds for my creative spirit and expression.

So I set out to buy copper wire, hoping to create my own wire tree. I went through my house tools, searching for the narrowest plier we had.

Using a combination of youtube tutorials and my intuition, I shaped the tree. It was time-consuming, as each wire had to be bent in place. Cutting the wire was cumbersome, continually scratching my fingers.

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I find immeasurable bliss in the meditative aspect of art. Most of my artistic undertakings involve slow, meticulous movements that seemingly add little to the piece but compound in the long run. The unbroken spans of attention, where you work undeterred in this world of distractions, is a feeling I long to experience.

After crafting the tree, I needed a base on which it would stand. But instead of crafting one, I figured that it would be interesting to have it perched on a granite stone. So I set about wandering around my neighbourhood in search of one.

From parks to construction sites, I walked, hunting for the rock. Onlookers eyed me amusingly as I walked around carrying large stones. I can only imagine what they must have thought of me.

I landed on a pale granite stone in the end. Its light grey contrasts the glossy copper wire coating. The natural crevices of the rock add a touch of character and strength while not being too overpowering.

In our age, most inspiration comes from the internet. There is a vast array of artists showcasing their work, obtaining feedback and honing their craft. The gift of the internet is its extensive network that exposes you to art that you would have never stumbled upon otherwise.

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I am a young adult, interested in nature, photography, art and culture. An aspiring polymath, I share my learnings through my blog. I also include insights from my favourite books.

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